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Berlin memories 22.08.2018
The fifth season begins 15.02.2015
Probably the best capital in Scandinavia 02.02.2015
Thank you for the music 24.01.2015
Now or never 30.12.2013
The sound of silence 18.12.2013
Winter training 19.04.2012
Adventure is just bad planning 03.04.2012
The cold has a voice - it talks to me 29.03.2012
Showdown at Thomas More Square 08.11.2011
Mist and musings in La Serenissima 28.07.2011
Looking beyond the beaches 24.10.2010
Notes from a no-hoper at the Times Crossword Championship 20.10.2010
A small slice of perfection 21.07.2010
Hot in the city 20.07.2010